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Our students live in poverty and face severe challenges - both physically and mentally - on a good day. During this global pandemic, they are up against so much more.

The kids we serve get not only a quality education but also healthcare and wellness services at school: nutritious meals, doctors visits, therapy, medicine, medical equipment, and much more. With schools closed, the kids' access to these services has completely halted.

Learn to Love is doing everything we can to make sure these children continue to get the care they need and deserve. With assistance from our partners, we are sending support directly to their homes. $65 / month gives the student and their family the food and medical essentials they need to survive this unprecedented time. 

Since April 2020, we have sent over $20,000 in aid to our students and their families. While it may seem like a lot, that's only enough to help out just over 75 families each month. We need your help to continue supporting our kids in their time of need. Please donate now.

Our donors received some adorable thank you messages from our incredible, joyful students. We can't thank our donors enough for their generosity!

COVID 19 support


out with the old... with the new!

Restroom Renovaton Project

Cutting the ribbon at the door to the new "Bollywood" bathrooms!

Learn to Love decided to undertake a large construction project, one that would change the daily lives of each and every SEC student in a huge way: we decided to renovate the bathrooms at the SEC schools.


For many years, the SEC schools have needed new bathrooms that can accommodate differently-abled people. The bathrooms in place were old, unsanitary, and not accessible. Students felt humiliated using the bathrooms, would fall ill, and ultimately miss school, all because a simple need - a clean, accessible bathroom - was not fulfilled.


The biggest hurdle to renovating the restrooms was the funding. Generous donors gave Learn to Love enough support to make the Restroom Renovation Project possible. Over 400 students were finally given access to sanitary, comfortable bathrooms. In the students' own words, they couldn't have been happier with the new "Bollywood" bathrooms!


Learn to Love extends the deepest gratitude to our wonderful donors and supports. Thank you - this project would not have been possible without you!

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