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The Society for the Education of the Challenged

Established in 1959 by a mother who sought an education for her physically-challenged daughter, S.E.C. has since grown to provide special transportation, free medical evaluations and therapy, nutritious meals, development centers, vocational training as well as job placement services in four schools across Mumbai. These schools serve over 400 students of varied capabilities.


S.E.C.'s notable vision is a world where people of all levels of ability are taught to achieve their full potential and live as productive members of society. The organization's mission is the total rehabilitation of the orthopedically-challenged child and adult, enabling them to be productive members of society.


LTL partners with S.E.C. to provide the tools its students need to succeed. We raise money to fund certain aspects of S.E.C.'s operations, such as nutritious meals, physical therapy, handicap-accessible facilities, counselors, and more. 


SEC is deeply grateful for the support of LTL's donors. To contribute to the wonderful schools and help hundreds of children in need, please donate here

The Indian Association for the Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare

Established in 1970, IAPACW is a trusted non-profit organization that is concerned with the issues involving the adoption of abandoned and destitute children. IAPACW's mission rests on the belief that care in a loving and nurturing family is critical to a child's physical, mental and emotional growth and well-being. The organization works diligently to secure a permanent loving family for children, as well as initiate and participate in advocacy for legislative reforms and policies, improve the practices and procedures for protecting the interests of the child and families, and spread awareness of the children's situation.


Unfortunately, IAPACW sees a lot of children who may not be adopted for a long time, or possibly ever. It is in these cases that Learn to Love and IAPACW's partnership comes into play; LTL provides specific funding for the healthcare and education of children who are expected to stay in the pre-adoption stage for some time.


IAPACW is deeply grateful for the support of LTL's donors. To contribute to the incredible organzation and help children without families, please donate here.

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