Learn to Love provides many programs that are necessary for the development of the differently-abled children we serve. We are so thankful to our donors and supporters, without whom these programs would not be possible. 

The Arts Programs


Our arts programs include painting, music, and dance. The arts & music bring out the creativity and enthusiasm in the kids and teach them skills and abilities outside of the classroom. A group of artists have also sold their amazing paintings to create a self-sustaining system. A big thank you to our sponsor Pidilite for supporting these programs!

The Therapy and Nutrition Programs


Our therapy programs provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and counseling to students. All three are necessary for children's development, both emotionally and physically. Our nutrition program provides hot, freshly-made meals every day, healthy snacks such as bananas and milk, and nutritional supplements to bring students out of malnourishment.

The Vocational Training Programs


Our vocational training programs provide older students with the skills they need to perform well in jobs. We focus heavily on making sure the students are supported enough to easily transition from the schools into their jobs. The programs range from computer training, to kite making, to card drawing. Alumni also make crutches and casts in a workshop for current students to gain workforce skills.

The Accessibility Initiatives


Enabling differently-abled children to be independent is the best way to boost confidence and create positive outcomes. We provide funding to supply wheelchairs, renovate the school buildings to make them accessible (see our Restroom Renovation Project), and accessible transportation such as school buses.



Recess, playtime, friends, sports, games, toys - some of the best parts of childhood! Learn to Love sponsors parties, donates toys and games, and facilitates lots of fun-making in the schools. The best part of our work is seeing the kids' smiles light up the school!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

                                                ~Nelson Mandela

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